Initial Consultation

Initial clients are encouraged to arrange an introductory meet & greet, conference call, or online chat to learn how my services can benefit an immediate need.  During our session, we will discuss your project, expectations, timeline, and a way forward.  Additional discussions or interviews may be required at a later time. 

Creative Content & Technical Writing

Work with me to enhance your web/social media presence, organizational newsletter, campaign, event announcement or to develop creative ideas for a publication.  In addition, technical assistance in developing training manuals, project management documents, tutorials, procedures/guides are available to you.  Book this service to learn more.  

Corporate Writing

Business plans, reports, strategic plans, and proposals are some of the most complex, time consuming documents to develop.  Julie's keen eye for detail, background/skills in business administration, and research are essential to creating a valuable product.  

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Business Plans, Proposals, and Grants


Set up a proofreading plan with me and never release an important email, memo, or publication with odd statements or grammatical mistakes.  


The time has come to prepare and present a speech or report and there are so many factors to consider.  It takes time and effort to relay key information in an efficient and memorable manner.  For assistance in writing a speech or developing a report, help is one click away.  

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You have stumbled upon a special place to me.  It is a blueprint for which inspiration, motivation, and expression resides.  I am here to provide support as you delve into the realm of content discovery for your individual or small business project.   Subscribe for quick tips and ideas to enhance your business presence through writing. - Julie


Special Inquiries:



Thanks for your writing or professional development inquiry! Julie will respond as quickly as possible.