Julie's Special Spotlight

My website is more than just poems and prose. I am eager to feature notable, local events through my “Special Spotlight” column. St. John United Methodist Church, located in a close-knit community called Pumphrey, will soon host its 4th Strawberry Festival. The event is near and dear to me as it originally evolved under the leadership of my late Grandmother, Regina Griffin (Former President of the United Methodist Women). For just a few hours, attendees will experience the presence of warm, loving, and genuine people while enjoying an assortment of homemade treats - made with strawberry of course. A jewelry/watch specialist will be present to restore your most treasured items, on site. As well, various artists will share their most prized paintings and I will even have my writings (and a few stylish items) on display with advising sessions for those who are interested. Bring a guest and earn a prize! Feel free to share this posting with others. You will not want to miss this biennial affair.

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