Sacred Sunday: Dear Grandma

I felt a connection with you, at an early age. Spending countless hours and days, I discovered the meaning of love, forgiveness, and care, while your inspiration filled the air. I watched contently as neighborhood children assembled to the steep stairway of your home…departing happily with popsicles, ice cream, or even sugar cones. They loved to share educational hiccups, hopes, and plans knowing a positive word was very close at hand. Some would visit just to say “hello” oh how faces lit up to see you so. Admiring was your compassion and concern for many of all hues. A devoted member of diverse groups, cancer societies, to folks needing support…a smile…just getting through.

Catching MTA for great grandmother Mabel’s house was a treat, 1837 Druid Hill Avenue that glorious street. “Sit nicely Julie and entertain while I clean Nana’s house and arrange.” You spent hours covering the premises, dusting wall to wall, the halls of that beautiful row home would surely never fall. Who knew I would inherit your domestic traits of cooking, washing, ironing, refining, a passion that defines me to this day. Lunch time commenced with fairytales and stories, the afternoon ended in laughter and glory.

Cross Street and Lexington Markets were up next and that famous dill pickle you’d allow me to fetch. After an exhausting summer day in town, you were devoted to Granddad’s homemade dinner, promptly served before 5:30. I loved watching attentively as he devoured the meal. You concluded the day with profound prayer and scripture readings. Whenever I stayed, I read before retiring the evening. The next morning you were up early preparing for the day, I woke to the smell of a delicious breakfast, cast iron skillet prepared. These are just some special moments I definitely had to share. You are missed daily, cherished completely and one I hold very dear. Kindred spirits we are, a guardian angel to me.

You are missed!

Your granddaughter: Julie

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