Etiquette, Teas, Goal Setting & Success! 

The Expression Escape is a clinic for children, teens, and adults who are interested in the art of goal setting, etiquette/tea parties, career building, creative writing, and literacy tutoring.  Schedules Coming Soon

Dawn Jackson

My girls enjoyed your etiquette workshop, tea party, and goal setting seminar. Thanks for sharing your poise with our girls.

Roslyn Dyer

The workshop for teenage  girls conducted by Julie Dickerson on proper etiquette and goal setting was sponsored by the United Methodist Church of Pumphrey. The workshop was both informative and classy. She used a variety of props to display the do’s and don’ts on how to dress for different venues, including school, church, job interviews, banquets and several others. She also talked about proper eating and telephone etiquette. The youngsters were given a chance to express their future goals and the best ways to reach them. During this discussion there was a question and answer period. The girls were given several pamphlets on etiquette and goal setting.
The workshop ended with an elegant High Tea.  The girls were able to practice good table manners. This workshop was enjoyed by the young and not so young alike. Excellent workshop.

Kenda Smith

We so enjoyed the event.  It was a pleasure spending time with my two daughters and niece to learn about etiquette.  The presentation was highly organized, interactive, and the kids had a great time.  What was so awesome is that they also had an opportunity to share their hopes and dreams.  My favorite part was the tea! I would recommend this class to anyone interested in stepping out into every day life with grace and style. Great job Julie!

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