About Julie

Julie Lynette is known for having a creative and unique outlook on life.   Her artistic yet sophisticated sense of style radiates in projects she initiates and implements.  Going above and beyond standard is her greatest gift as she often aims to bring beauty, life, and originality to every undertaking and narrative.  Julie discovered her love for writing at a young grade school age often producing poems and short stories from daily interactions, exploratory day trips, and inspiring occurrences while sharing those of significant meaning with family and friends.   In the professional realm,  Julie has spent over a decade writing detailed papers, analytic assessments, briefings/presentations,  executive/strategic/project plans, studies and reports in the public and private sectors.   As a secondary passion, she has assisted as personal advisor, researcher, contributing writer and editor for non-profit outreach initiatives and small companies.  Julie's greatest writing achievement was the completion of her Master's Thesis in "Change Management" rated the highest quality dissertation written among peers.  

Fun Facts

In addition to Julie's extensive experience working in the government and corporate sectors (over 18 years), she is a freelance writer for a business estate broker and specialty clients.  She is also founder of two growing community service programs supporting those in need.    Julie has a natural love for creating, designing and decorating.  She enjoys sewing fashionable accessories, cooking, gardening, dance performing and creative writing.  However, you can often find Julie attending a play or musical at a local theater, visiting museums, most of all volunteering her time at a local shelter.

Upcoming Books and Work:  Stay Tuned for Launch 

Little Julie Mae:  An exciting an inspirational children's book series...

The Etiquette Story:   A chic guide to the art of etiquette...




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